He found it a bit of a shock at the time but with the heat of the day he admitted that his dunking was quite refreshing, and promptly went off to change, hoping that it was the only swim of the day with clothes on!!!

I should imagine that many people on  holiday have been on a banana boat, even you? - they're great fun. You may have also ridden a jetski like the ones in the picture above. Absolutely brilliant.

Here I am on a jetski. It is a 2 seater which I found more stable than the 1 seater - I didn't get quite so wet, except for the day when there was quite a strong wind which had whipped up the sea. After a few minutes I was soaked -  and it wasn't a very warm day either! The picture above was taken on quite a calm day. The best ride was one morning when there was no wind and the sea was like glass - Ian and I rode full throttle and maximum speed!! I also rode a machine that ran out of fuel when I was quite some distance out from the beach - the owner had to come out in his boat and help me get it started on the reserve tank!!! Great fun though!

Do you think I look nervous? No? Well I certainly was when this photo was taken because I was about to do something I had never done before - parascending - where you go up in the air attached to a parachute while the boat tows you along. I needn't have worried because it was great fun. The view was terrific when up at about 100 feet. The boat driver thought it would be good to slow down and let me drift slowly down until my legs dragged through the water before speeding off again and pulling me back up into the air! Cheers mate!!

This doesn't look like much I know but the tower marks the spot where the United Nations border is, separating the Turks in the north and the Greeks in the south. There are soldiers with guns up on that tower! We were on a sightseeing boat which went right up to the border before turning round to let us have a look through binoculars at the town of Famagusta, a few miles further up the coast - it has a beach suburb called Maras, once a tourist destination with its scores of high-rise hotels, which has remained a derelict no man's land since 1974. The people were given just one hour to leave the town, therefore did not have time to take possessions - clothes still hang on washing lines, doors on houses are open, some cars abandoned on streets. It is believed to be an eerie place. No-one knows when people will live there again.

We do not get a great deal of sun in the UK - now and again it gets hot but rain is never far away! Normally I am a sort of pale blue colour!!! I burn rather than tan - so I was amazed that I actually went quite brown in Cyprus, as you can see. It didn't last long though - a few weeks back in cloudy England and I was back to normal again.This photo was actually taken at the Yianna Marie restaurant, which you may have already read that it is highly recommended!!!


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