It is not even high season and the place is very busy. Most days all the sun loungers were occupied (at the time the hotel staff were creating extra space to accommodate more people in high season). You can tell its nice and warm, aah bliss!!!

Well, the weather was ok most of the time, but a few days were dull and cloudy with some rain. The locals assured us that the inclement weather was very unusual for late May. When Ian went to Cyprus again the following year the weather was much better - sunny every day and very warm. We put it down to El Nino on this occasion. Still it didn't dampen our spirits too much.

Plenty of alcoholic beverages were consumed at this bar (and many others) during the 2 weeks. Service was quick and friendly and quite reasonable in price. This area is also used for the nightly entertainment put on by the Thomson reps.

On the first full day of our holiday, parents and kids were invited to a welcome meeting where details were given about entertainment and general rules and practices. The three Thomson mascots appeared to give amusement to the kids - apologies but I cannot remember their names at the time of writing. I will try to find out.

The reps certainly know how to put on a show!!! These fellas (yes they are definitely men) did quite a funny routine to a song, but the one on the left obviously seems to be having a bit of trouble with gravity!!!

If you ever decide that you would like to be a holiday rep then be warned that you may find that they don't tell you everything. I snapped this poor rep just seconds before he was unceremoniously dunked in the water, much to the enjoyment of everyone around the pool. You can see the look of horror on his face!


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