This is the main road through the town of Protaras at night. Here you will find plenty of restaurants and fast food chains. There is a restaurant in Protaras that is a favourite of mine - the Yianna Marie - great food and drink & extremely friendly staff - we went there several times. I recommend it! We signed the visitors book and have received a Christmas card from them every year since! Which is a nice gesture.

This is the first of 3 photos taken at the water amusement park in Ayia Napa. You pay a standard entrance fee then rides inside are free. This is one of the many 'rides' there. You lie face down on a tough, polystyrene mat and slide down the water chutes, as you can see people doing above. It is great fun and I went on it so many times I lost count!

This green snaky thing is another fantastic ride. You sit on rubber doughnut inflatables and launch down chutes. There are 3 different chutes - 1 in the open air and 2 covered ones in darkness. Not for the faint hearted but really good fun and once you have done it you want to do it again!!!!

This ride looks scary! After climbing up the steps you slide down on your bare back on water! You can see the wavy chute clearly, and have you spotted the steep white chute to the right of the steps? I wanted to go on it but not long after this photo was taked a big black cloud came over the park and dumped a lot of rain. Being a 'water park' you would think it didn't matter because we were already wet, but it went really cold as well so we left not long after. It was a pity!


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